Risk and Threat Management – Presented by Greg George

Resource Library

This page is dedicated to educational resources and other tools risk managers, security professionals and decision makers can use to best support their operational needs or specific research requirements.  I will update this page regularly as exceptional sources of information are recognized.  I encourage readers to recommend applicable high quality resource centers and other awareness media I can review to include here.



Exceptional Global Intelligence, threat and unbiased political reporting and information.  Check out Fred Burton’s book “Ghost” – enlightening; real life diary of a State Department “spook” [the roots of our advisory practice, and throw in NSA and CIA too].  There are also other excellent publications available on their bookstore page.  If your company in in any way involved with international operations or trade, I strongly recommend you subscribe to the full site access, nominal annual fee.



The Official Site of the National White Collar Crime Center.


Offshore Innovations and WSR-Corporation

Although used for many legitimate and lawful business and family planning purposes, you can learn how easy it is for the bad guys to set up same-day offshore companies, bank accounts, debit and credit cards; and how some0ne can hide money from you or a client.


Investor Ideas

Research up and coming companies in homeland security private sectors and other industries such as energy, bio-life sciences and more.


Transparency International

Find out which companies lead the pack in bribery and other corruption, along with other key players and countries that are involved; you’d be surprised.


CSO Libraries

An outstanding resource to search articles by subject matter spanning security operations, the latest IT protections, policies, forensics, compliance and managing investigations in the workplace.  This resource also provides many other useful tools, templates and reference materials supported by an exceptional subject matter archive.


Certified Fraud Examiners

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is worth the membership fee just to have access to all the articles and other fraud prevention tips and tools.  I highly recommend their toll-free employee Hotline Services; this can reduce potential fraud in any company by 50%.

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